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We’ve all heard the expression “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” In the B. C. Fleming’s case, his lemons came courtesy of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. 

On a sunny afternoon in late July, 2006 a convoy in which Fleming was traveling was attacked. He and his colleagues were driving along when a car pulled in front and then slowed down. The driver of Fleming’s vehicle decided to pass and, when they pulled alongside the car, the man detonated his explosives just three feet from the Humvee’s door. Fleming woke up in a ditch, bloody and burned, with multiple life-threatening injuries. After reconstructive surgery and fourteen months of agonizingly difficult rehabilitation he decided it was time to quit whining and get on with his life. 

Fleming packs a lot into this relatively short and easy to read book. Never The Same begins with his conversion experience as a Sophomore in High School. From there it moves to his enlistment following graduation, meeting the young woman who would later become his wife, and being stationed in Afghanistan where he not one, but two, encounters with suicide bombers. The first time he walked away without a scratch. He was not so lucky the second time. 

Realizing that hate and regret were not the foundation of a fulfilling life, Fleming has used his struggles to strengthen and motivate others. When dealing with a difficult person, we are sometimes told to write them a letter telling them how we feel…and then throw it away instead of mailing it. Fleming kept his and it’s the highlight of the book. In it he expresses pity for the unfortunate man who threw his life away and forgives him.  

He also expresses two critical theological points that our world often overlooks. The first compares Islam to Christianity: “Your god says, ‘Sacrifice your sons for me as suicide bombers.’ My God says, ‘I sacrificed my son (Jesus Christ) for you.’” The second thought is based on Romans 8:28 “God works all things together for the good of those who love him…” Fleming then points out that it is impossible to truly harm a believer. No matter you hate or hurt them God will use it for their ultimate good. That’s something to hold onto when life seems overwhelming.

We’d rate this powerful testimony to the power of the human spirit a must read.

We thank B&B Media for providing this review copy of Never The Same in exchange for an honest review. Visit Brian on his websiteBlownUpGuy.com.

—E. G. Lewis

Product Details
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Fleming Continuing Education Programs
Pages: 170
ISBN: 978-0692004074

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