Reviewer Profiles

GAIL A. LEWIS - Moderator, Author/Reviewer

Gail Lewis earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Relations and Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco. A former Southern California native, she now lives happily tucked away on Oregon’s South Coast. Writing and editing have long been a part of her career. For several years she was the editor of Keynotes, Intel Corporation’s international newsletter to Administrative Assistants worldwide, and the editor of her local newspaper. She’s written and/or edited many company newsletters, and has published numerous freelance articles in national magazines. Retired and a life-long avid reader, doing book reviews seemed a natural next step. She continues to write and edit and enjoys interacting with other writers.

EDWARD (E.G.) LEWIS – Author/Reviewer

A former newspaper editor and publisher, Edward (E.G.) Lewis’ articles have appeared in national and regional magazines. He has also written and directed corporate training films. Mr. Lewis earned a graduate degree in Economics from Ohio State University and worked in Planning and Corporate Management for many years before deciding to become a novelist. He is the author of  "The Seeds of Christianity™ Series," a group of books detailing the lives of those who established the early Church. He reviews Nonfiction, especially those books and reference volumes relevant to topics covered in his books, Biblical and Historical Fiction, and anything else that piques his curiosity.

BRUCE JUDISCH – Author/Reviewer

Bruce Judisch, a Senior Information Operation Analyst for the Joint Operations Warfare Center, has been writing for many years. He is the author of the “A Prophet’s Tale” series (OakTara Publishing). He has also written more than 18 Bible book study booklets, as well as topical studies on the Seven Churches of Revelation, the Resurrection, and Discerning God’s Will. He reviews Christian fiction on his blog, “It Is To Write.” His reviews can also be found on Goodreads, and in the “Book Reviews by a Guy” articles in the quarterly online magazine He and his wife live in Texas.

SHEILA DEETH — Author/Reviewer

Sheila Deeth grew up in the UK and has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mathematics from Cambridge University England. She started her career writing computer code, moved on to testing and breaking code, and now writes short stories, poetry and novels. She is the author of several Christian books available from Lulu, two ebooks published by Gypsy Shadow, and one novel coming soon from Now living near Portland, Oregon, Sheila loves the bookshops and coffee-shops of the Pacific Northwest. She’s a voracious reader, writes reviews of almost everything she reads, and enjoys interacting with other readers and writers through the internet.

ZARA HERITAGE — Author/Reviewer

Zara Heritage has a Bachelor's Degree in Business and has published articles in numerous national magazines, using several pseudonyms. She grew up in Southern California, moved around the USA, and to several  foreign lands,  before settling in Southern Oregon for the past 12 years. Currently a freelance writer, editor and author, she is looking forward to the publication of her first piece of fiction, Cast Me Not Away. To learn more about her, and her first novel, visit her blog:  Zara Heritage Books