Monday, March 14, 2016

CAST ME NOT AWAY by Zara Heritage -- Suspense that is not to be missed.

Reviewers say: “The best dystopian novel I’ve ever read.” … “So real, it’s frightening.”… “Strong characters, both good and evil.” … “Stayed up all night reading--grateful for how it ended.”

Aktion T4, a largely secret program approved by the Nazis in 1939, was designed to rid the nation of young children deemed unworthy of life. It eventually took the lives of over 200,000 children and laid groundwork for the destruction of millions of Jews and other enemies of the state.

Today the world struggles with concepts like quality of life, restricting family size, meaningful medical benefit, and rationing care for the sick and elderly. Where will it end? Fast forward to a time and place where the future meets the past and the abortion & euthanasia movement reaches its inevitable conclusion.

In this time of societal darkness, Mira Hastings and Grayson Stevens join a cadre of brave souls standing against a juggernaut of evil by putting their lives on the line to rescue ill-fated youngsters from certain death. In a bold attempt to bring down the beast, they publicly expose the greed and corruption that drives the system. Declared enemies of the state, Mira and Gray are forced underground as they flee the wrath of a vengeful government. While on the run they encounter unknown dangers. But, with the aid of a network of supporters, some providing high-tech assistance, they encounter hope, joy ... and eventually love.
Note that there are deaths, and one that is very tear wrenching, but brave little Robbie and Emma will survive. 
Click Link below for where you can get this novel in digital or print. Also, free to Kindle Unlimited or Prime members.  This novel is being recorded for Audible and should be available soon.


Peace and Blessings to All!

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