Monday, January 30, 2012

FIRST SNOW by Christine Cunningham

I feel old. When a character mentions digital music in Christine Cunningham’s First Snow I think of CDs, but “Who uses CDs anymore?” Still, feeling old doesn’t stop me enjoying this tale, nor does the way my stomach lurches in dismay at the thought of a “cup of hot chocolate and a plate of fries.”

First Snow is a delightful Christmas tale of a young woman who also feels old (and listens to CDs). Nell’s dreams of spouse and family seem to recede with the passing years, but it’s not clear if she’s driving suitors away or simply waiting for the right man. When he appears, will she ever let him close?

Nell works in a bakery where she meets the handsome Hasan, but it’s her interest in writing that throws her more closely into his company, and the author builds a pleasingly gentle romance between the two. Clearly made for each other, they tread carefully and warily on the slippery snows of relationships while Christmas weaves its spell. Meanwhile sister Sydney plays matchmaker in all the wrong places, but true love will surely win through.

One final obstacle threatens all Nelly’s dreams, but there’s a surprise in store that turns frost to Christmas beauty. The artificial dance of romance has some intriguingly pleasing twists, making this a good short tale for Christmas or any cold dark day.
Sheila Deeth

Disclosure: I received a free ecopy of this novella from WoMen’s Literary Café in exchange for an honest review.

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