Thursday, April 5, 2012


The Faith Girlz Bible is not a new translation, but a commentary designed to make the underlying text more engaging to a young reader. The whole Bible with its multiple story lines, many characters, and its intermingling of history, prophecy, and teaching can be intimidating when first encountered.  

Written for girls between the ages of nine and twelve, this may very well be a young girl’s first introduction to the Bible in its complete form. As such, it makes a wonderful springboard from the over-sized, illustrated Bible stories we give to young children to the real, for sure Bible they’ll be using for the rest of their life.  

Set atop the popular NIV translation, the Faith Girlz Bible has many features to draw the reader in such as:
An introduction to each book explaining the who, what, when and where of the text.
An insert entitled Dream Girl that puts the reader into the story.
A soul-searching self-examination which allows the reader to see herself in the sotry and relate to the women of the Bible.
Boxed memory verses noted as Words to Live By.
Simple explanations to some of the questions that the passages elicit.

The Faithgirlz trademark encompasses a collection of books, Bibles, and resources designed to provide transformational Christian experiences for tween girls. Fairthgirlz encourages honest tween-girl empowerment by providing engaging, relevant, high-quality offerings, helping tween girls understand their world, learn biblical teachings, become closer to God and grow into godly teenagers. Visit their website at Highly recommended!

We thank B&B Media and Zondervan for providing us a copy of the FaithGirlz Bible in exchange for an honest review.
 Attention young boys. You needn’t feel left out. Monday we’ll be looking at the Boy’s Bible.
—E G Lewis

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