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Sara Little has ached to live in America. But being born of a single mother in London’s working class, she could only dream. Then, scrawled in hasty intensity, Sara receives an invitation to America. Drawn to the possibility of a new beginning, she follows God’s whisper and steps forward into the unknown. But more awaits than the realization of her dreams. Sara’s benefactor is handsome widower Christopher Lake, a philanthropist dedicated to helping the less fortunate redefine their future. Though devastated by the loss of his wife, he dedicates himself to her last request: To provide Sara the means for a brighter future. Sara’s gift of art inspires Christopher’s sponsorship, and he is determined to protect her gentle heart while propelling her into artistic society. Even if he must press her forward beyond her shy nature. But when a local paper weaves tales of a romantic entanglement, Sara is stricken by the stark reality of a growing devotion. Caught in the whirlwind of debuts and dinner parties with prospective patrons, she has fallen in love with the one man she believes she does not deserve. Could a servant girl hope to bless such a noble man to happiness?

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Summit Books Reviews is participating in the Blog Tour celebrating the release of friend and fellow author, Nona King’s newest novel, Searching for Sara. We decided to forego our usual review format. Instead, let’s pour a cup of tea, settle into a comfortable chair, and learn a little more about  
Searching for Sara and its author, Nona King.

Nona, can you tell us why you write?
I cannot imagine doing anything else. These characters and stories are so real that I feel I let them down when I do not put their tales to paper. The motivations are simple, either I write their stories so they can find love and redemption, or their experiences are more for me than for anyone else…a way for me to work out a challenge in my own life. They are like my friends, because they help me discover things about my own character that need to be enhanced or changed.

How did your new book, Searching for Sara, come into being?
Searching for Sara has been in the works in some form or fashion since 2001. At first it was a sequel to Broken Angel (not yet released). In this first version of Sara I killed the heroine, Rachel Samson, and inserted Sara Little as a new love interest for our grieving hero Robert Trent. This appalled my sister, who insisted I rewrite it.

To be honest, the only reason I killed the heroine was because I wanted to experiment with the intense emotions of grief and sorrow. When my sister scolded me and tasked me with rewriting that storyline, it gave me a sense of relief and became the best project I have ever undertaken. It helped that I was able to create our new grieving hero, Christopher Lake.

What are a few of your favorite parts/scenes of the book?
I enjoyed writing the scenes between Sara and Christopher’s five-year-old daughter, Gwynnie. Not having children of my own, it gave me an opportunity to write a different type of devotion. Another favorite were the scenes between Sara and Christopher when she helps him rediscover his inspiration for art. God used those scenes to show me how the meek could be strong.

What do you hope readers will take away from Searching for Sara?
My hope is readers will see the blessing which comes from walking in obedience to God’s will. In addition, I wanted them to see that facing our fears is the best way to open ourselves to the blessings God has waiting for us.
How did writing this book change your life?
Because of writing the life lessons for Sara and Christopher, it gave my own mind and heart the opportunity to see the cause and effect of facing fear. I took Sara’s experience to heart and, as a result, found the love of my life in 2006. I have been happily married ever since. The journey was not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it was worth the love and joy I have found.
What are you working on…what’s coming next?
For November I am devoting my time and effort to a fantasy adventure, Para Sedi, a prequel to the the 2008 National Novel Writing Month contest winner To Save A Soul. Come December, I will be working on two sequels, the continuation of Sara’s story in Releasing Yesterday, and the next installment in Para & Mun’s story in Silver & Iron (a 2009 NaNoWriMo contest winner). My goal is to have Silver & Iron release next May and Releasing Yesterday next December.

Nona King is an independent writing professional for Angel Breath Books. She has dedicated herself to writing true-to-life characters, be they villain or hero, so her readers can experience life and its many passions. All her stories focus on faith, honor, and the importance of communication and trust in our relationships with others.
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