Saturday, August 4, 2012


We are pleased to share with you that, for the first time ever, E. G. Lewis' eBook At Table with the LordFoods of the First Century will be free in the Amazon Kindle store beginning 08/06/2012 through 08/10/2012.

Starting Monday, 12:01 a.m. PST until midnight Friday

Derived from research for The Seeds of Christianity Series™, this easy to read book examines all major food groups as well as what they didn’t have. It also includes special chapters on ancient aviculture, apiculture, olives and olive oil, plus a new look at manna, and at a gladiator’s diet.

Includes numerous recipes to try at home. Fun and thoughtful, At Table with the Lord is an excellent resource for home-schoolers or Sunday School teachers.

This is a world-wide promotion. For those outside the USA, free copies  are available through all Amazon sites.

Download yours  and help us spread the word 

E.G. Lewis is the author of the popular four-book series of novels "Seeds of Christianity." His research for them led to this book and several other fascinating non-fiction accounts of life in the first century.

Until next time, we wish you Peace and Blessings.

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