Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Shattered Identity is the sequel to K. Dawn Byrd’s popular novel, Mistaken Identity. The earlier novel’s two main characters, Eden Morgan and Lexi Branson reprise their roles as the level-headed friend who’s there when the going gets tough (Eden) and the well-meaning, but free-spirited dreamer (Lexi) who, at times, becomes her own worst enemy. 

Lexi’s love life takes a turn for the worst when her newest dream boat, Zack, turns out not to be as nice as Lexi imagined. In fact, the Zack she’s dating bears little resemblance to the guy she fell in love with. She’s made a wrong turn and now things can only go from bad to worse. Trapped in a dangerous situation and struggling to find a way out, Lexi turns to ex-boyfriend, Jeremy, for help. So will she finally recognize true love now that it’s staring her in the face?

 Shattered Identity is a well-plotted novel with plenty of realism and a strong message of hope. Digital version is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through the publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing.
-E G Lewis

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