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Get a FREE copy of the exciting novel LOST by E.G. Lewis
Between May 20, 2012 and May 24, 2012 only

This is a special announcement! There is a Promotion for a FREE copy of the novel, LOST. That’s right, the Kindle edition will be free on beginning this Sunday, May 20 through Thursday, May 24. No strings attached. 

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Below is a synopsis and excerpts for this novel, as well as several reviews. It's not to be missed!

Three Good Ideas Converge to Form One Great Catastrophe. LOST a story about love, a special love that binds two hearts together transcending time and space. Told through parallel storylines, their point of convergence is the disappearance of the cruise ship, Paradise Voyager, while in Alaskan waters. The common thread linking them together is the impact they had upon the life of Oregon newspaperman, Thomas Jenkins, whose wife and granddaughter were aboard the ship.

When officials declare the Voyager irretrievably lost, Tom rejects their conclusion and strikes out on his own. Assembling the unlikely team of two Vietnam Vets, an Indian scientist and a supermodel, he goes on the offensive and eventually unravels the mystery. When the final piece of the puzzle turns out to lie not in the Gulf of Alaska, but in the Oregon woods Tom sets off into the forest alone determined to save his wife and granddaughter...or die trying.

What  reviewers are saying...
"Lost is a character-driven mystery with touches of high-finance, science fiction, love and ethics adding to its depth. Set solidly in the years leading up to the millennium, in beautifully described countryside with forest, pine and ocean, rain and sun, with a plot uniting elements from Indian mythology to the local Chinese restaurant, it's a wonderfully evocative telling of high-jinks on the high seas tempered with human care and concern."

"The author shows enviable skill in building believable science without weighing down the story. The humorous timing is as enjoyable as the well-drawn action and adventure. A great adventure, some intriguingly imaginative concepts, wonderful characters, and a beautiful sense of Southern Oregon scenery and community (with touches of India, London, and more besides), this is a very enjoyable novel which really does satisfy."

"Military secrets, corruption, greed, international intrigue; tenderness, human frailty, devotion, and loyalty. All of these describe Lost by E.G. Lewis. ...breathtaking descriptions of the Oregon scenery, with touching glimpses into the emotional make up of the characters flow seamlessly into scenes of high intensity action. It’s a mystery, romance, action, thriller rolled into one. I highly recommend this book to readers looking for a great mystery."

"A storyline you don't expect; a tale you won't forget. In Lost, Mr. Lewis treats us to glimpses of the past, present, and a possible future, and ties them together in an intriguing tale that juxtaposes deception with integrity, and grief with hope. Mr. Lewis has produced a unique story that pits the staying power of love and devotion against the forces of fate as manipulated by the intervention of greedy men. Well researched and thoughtfully written, this is a story you'll ponder well beyond the final page."

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