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A story twenty years in the making, A Heart for Freedom tells the story of Chai Ling a young woman who participated in China’s Tiananmen Square Protests. Overnight she became a wanted fugitive and went underground to avoid capture and death at the hands of the Chinese government. She was eventually smuggled out of China and came to the United States. She attended and graduated from an Ivy League college, married, and became a successful entrepreneur.

Her life changed the day she attended Congressional hearings on the effects of China's One Child Policy in November 2009. Hearing firsthand the story of brutal forced abortions, she became convinced that only God could stop such brutality. Through the encouragement and prayers of friends and mentors, Chai Ling converted to Christianity a month later and at last found meaning in the violence and tragedy she’d experienced. She founded All Girls Allowed, an organization that lobbies for women’s rights and tries to put an end to China’s forced abortions and sterilizations. She testified before Congress in October, 2011during hearings on human rights abuses by China’s government.

Filled with page-turning action, this fast paced book holds nothing back. Ling shares her failures and bad choices alongside her joys and successes. She continues to fight for the future of China and, interestingly, she believes that China’s next revolution will be fought on the battlefield of the human heart and mind. Her story is a rousing testament to the transformational power of the Gospel, and the hope of Christ in a broken and sinful world.
We thank Tyndale House Publishers for providing us with a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
—E G Lewis
Product Details:
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 344
Publisher: Tyndale House
ISBN-13: 978-14143-624-6-5
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  1. This book is a compelling biography recommended for everyone, most especially those who are interested in China’s history and those who are struggling with failure, hurt and shame. This book is an excellent resource for all seekers who search for true meaning and purpose while battling our private fears and regrets. We have included this in our collection at, heaps of books can be found here which can be used as a tool for evangelism.