Wednesday, August 3, 2011

TOMBSTONES AND BANANA TREES, A True Story of Revolutionary Forgiveness by Medad Birungi and Craig Borlase

This is a true story that promotes forgiveness and reconciliation. However, it’s not that message that makes this book such a captivating read. The unbelievable cruelty and poverty that Birungi experienced as a child in Uganda is chilling.

Birungi is his father’s first son by the first of his several wives. The man is violent toward them, and eventually he abandons Birungi’s mother and all her children when Birungi is only six years old. He leaves them with nothing. Their home is gone, as are all of their possessions. One might expect other relatives or neighbors to help, but assistance rarely comes.
Was Birungi bitter about it? Of course. Does he remain an angry, bitter person? No. Follow the life of a little boy whose pain and struggle will amaze you. Watch him survive, find redemption, and learn to forgive.  Through his own forgiveness of others, he has a positive impact on the lives of many people, including his father.

The back cover of the book says that Medad Birungi is now “a Bible teacher, lecturer, pastor and the founder of World Shine Ministries,” an organization in Uganda that “evangelizes, disciples, and intercedes in prayer in Uganda and around the world. Medad and his wife have five children and live in Uganda.”

 To learn more about this charitable, Christian organization, visit here:  WORLD SHINE FOUNDATION

We are grateful to Audra Jennings of B&B Media for providing us with an advance reading copy. —Gail Lewis

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