Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Jean Auel’s The Plains of Passage is one of my favorite books. It is her fourth novel, and my favorite … second only to The Valley of Horses.  Shortly after its publication, I had the pleasure of attending a writing seminar where Jean Auel spoke. She was inspiring and likeable. I had the good fortune to sit beside her at lunch, a very memorable event for me. Although I had a copy of all her novels with me, I only asked her to sign her latest one, The Plains of Passage. 

For excitement and suspense, this one can’t be beat. Ayla and Jondalar continue their travels toward his home, and the risk of death is often close at hand.  There are a number of very sexy love scenes between the couple too.  They make up for the last book when, to my dissatisfaction, they didn’t spend enough time together. In this one, they do.

By now, Jondalar also rides a horse. Whinny had a foal that Jondalar named Racer. The young stallion becomes his. The horses are also put at risk in this novel, and you won’t be able to quit reading until it’s resolved.  

Together Ayla and Jondalar amaze whoever they encounter. Not only do they ride horses, but they are accompanied by a wolf. The wolf cub that Ayla rescued in the previous novel is now her adoring, loyal companion. She nearly loses Wolf and risks her life to rescue him. Later, Wolf saves her life too after they encounter an evil community of women. True to the heroic characters they are, Jondalar and Ayla survive and transform that community into a healthier one.

The culmination of the book is that Ayla meets Jondalar’s father and his family before continuing on to the Ninth Cave of the Zelandoni, the home Ayla has dreamed of … literally. Don’t miss this novel. It is excellent!
—Gail Lewis

Product Details:
Hardcover: 760 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0-517-58049-7
ASIN: B001HEC468

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  1. I love this series, but this was my least favorite of the series, it was so slow...