Sunday, April 10, 2011

BLACK WIDOW by Sheila Deeth

Black Widow is an ebook I wanted to read and review because of the character, warrior queen Boudicca, whose historical fame is legendary. I was eager to see how Ms. Deeth would present her. This tale is viewed through the eyes of Boudicca’s mystical sorceress sister, NimuŃ‘, or Nimi.

The novella surprised me. No cold historic facts here. True, the backdrop is of an ancient Celtic culture that finds itself in conflict with invading Roman armies, but the real story revolves around Nimi, and her enchanted lover —her blue man — who goes unseen by everyone else, but plays an eerie role in the evolving story’s many conflicts.

A spellbinding tale of a sorceress whose skills both frighten and delight the people around her. Nimi’s unusual and sensual lover will keep you guessing, as will his interest in the crucified one and the disagreements between Nimi and her blue man.

After the death of Boudicca and her family, Nimi’s life becomes even more outlandish. Her daughter is introduced and eventually a granddaughter. However, all the sorcery and intrigue in that portion of the book is best left untold, to be discovered by the reader. Myth and reality merge faultlessly, creating a story-flow that will have you rushing forward to its unexpected, redemptive end.

Sheila Deeth is a gifted writer who has a magical way with words. She weaves powerful spells with her vivid descriptions…an author definitely worth following!
—Gail Lewis

Product Details:
Kindle: 53 KB
ebook novella:  33 pages
Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Language: English

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