Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is an excellent young adult novel, written by a skilled writer who is very adept at her craft. It’s not fantasy fare similar to the Harry Potter series, but is written equally as well. A Heart For Any Fate, is an accurate, entertaining historical novel about real people who traveled the Oregon Trail in 1845. It was the Literary Arts Winner of the Oregon Book Awards in 2006.

The novel is written in the voice of young Lovisa King, who really did live and traveled with her parents and siblings westward from Missouri to Oregon in 1845. Kings Valley is named for them, as is the Kings Heights district of Portland.

Linda Crew weaves fact and fiction together to form a wonderful tale of how it must have been for immigrants following the Oregon Trail. The true-to-life and imagined adventures of this young girl are filled with excitement, sorrows, and accomplishments. Although some events may bring you to tears, Lovisa’s courage and transformation from girl to woman make for a satisfying, happy ending.

Ms. Crew’s “Author’s Notes” at the end of the book add even more interest to the story as she summarizes what actually happened to many of the people in her story after they settled in the Willamette Valley and other parts of Oregon. As an Oregonian myself, I found it fascinating to read about some of our early pioneers.

Teen readers will find this a quick, easy and enjoyable read. Not a young adult myself, I still thoroughly enjoyed Linda Crew’s enchanting story and recommend it to booklovers of all ages.
— Gail Lewis

Product Details:
Hard Cover: 234 Pages (also available in Trade Paperback)
Language: English
Publisher: Oregon Historical Society Press
ISBN: 0-87595-291-7

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