Sunday, July 11, 2010

DISCIPLE by E.G. Lewis

Disciple is a worthy sequel to Witness, EG Lewis's well researched and skillfully told novelization of the early Christian Church as recounted in the Biblical book of Acts.

This second book in the Seeds of Christianity series finds Shemuel and Rivka becoming followers of The Way of Yeshua. In doing so, they endure the persecution of the ruling religious elite and shunning by their common Jewish brethren. No longer able to sell his lambs to the Temple, Shemuel moves his family to Jerusalem, only to discover life is no easier as a wood carver and physician there than shepherding was in their hometown of Bethlehem. When the twelve apostles spread out through the known world in obedience to the Great Commission, Shemuel and Rivka accompany Peter to Antioch. There they meet both tribulation and victory as they plant and nuture the congregation that will become the first to be dubbed as Christians. The plot tightens and reaches its catharsis in intense crises affecting not only Shemuel's personal life, but that of the young church.

Mr. Lewis faithfully tracks the events of Acts, filling in realistic scenarios and vibrant characters that propel the New Testament accounting in a fresh and entertaining way. If you enjoyed Witness, you can't help but revel in Disciple. Well done, Ed!
— Bruce Judisch

Product Details
Trade Paperback: 324 Pages
Language: English
Publisher: Cape arago Press
ISBN: 978-0-9825949-2-6

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